Pro Bono Clinic in a Box

The Access to Justice Commission developed a Pro Bono Clinic in a Box to help lawyers start a pro bono clinic.  This web page contains all the information and administrative forms you will need to begin operating a pro bono clinic in your area. 

John Blankenship, an attorney and one of the founders of the Rutherford/Cannon County Legal Clinic, describes the history and success of the clinic.  This is one of the many clinic models an organization can choose to adopt. 

"The clinic has had enjoyed a unique evolution.  What began as a faith based initiative evolved into a non-faith based program of the RCCBA and then morphed into faith based, non-faith based partnership.   Over 15 years ago a group of attorneys in Murfreesboro were involved in a weekly bible study.  One of the weekly discussions involved justice for the poor and downtrodden, and it was from this discussion that the idea of a weekly, free legal clinic was born.  The clinic is a one-time advice/referral clinic and meets every Thursday afternoon from 4 to 6 p.m.  Clients are served on a first come, first served basis and a minimum of two attorneys participate each week.  There are not qualifying requriements to be seen by an attorney. 

The primary goal of the clinic is to put a person in need and who has a legal problem face to face with an attorney.   Most of the issues presented at the clinic are either not really a “legal problem,” or they can be resolved by advice or referral.   And, most importantly, the clients receive tremendous satisfaction by, finally, being able to meet face to face with an attorney, have that attorney listen to them, and then provide them the much needed and much desired information that has been besetting them.  Access to Justice has become a call to duty for all Tennessee attorneys, and the most fundamental, critical and essential step in fulfilling this duty is to put those needing and seeking access face to face with a lawyer.   This is essentially the mission statement of the RCCBA legal clinic."

The ATJ Commission hopes that the Pro Bono Clinic in a Box forms will help you organize a clinic that can be just as rewarding and successful as the Rutherford/Cannon County Legal Clinic.  Please follow the links below to download the clinic in a box forms and other resources that can help you start in a pro bono legal clinic in your area.

Clinic in Box Forms

The ATJ Commission developed resource manuals as part of the Tennessee Faith & Justice Alliance.  The manuals are divided by Grand Division and include information on frequent legal topics and potential solutions, information on mediation centers and local social service providers, a list of all legal clinics in the Division, and resources for self-represented litigants.  The manuals will be useful for all pro bono programs, not just ones that belong to the TFJA.  The ATJ Commission hopes that these resources manuals will help your volunteer attorneys at your clinic. 

Clinic Resource Manuals