Representing Yourself in Court

If you are handling your legal case without a lawyer, you are “representing yourself.” The courts call this “pro se.”  You do not have to have a lawyer to handle a legal problem. But it’s best to get advice and information about your case from a lawyer. 

There are many different resources that can help you if you do not have your own lawyer.  Click here for a short list of resources.  You can find more information on the resources below and on other parts of this website. 

Court Resources

  • The Access to Justice Commission devloped videos about general sessions court and other legal topics. 
  • Each court has its own set of Local Rules that you and the lawyers must follow.
  • The Access to Justice Commission developed Guidelines and Information for People with a Case in General Sessions Court.  The Guidelines are also available in Spanish.
  • Some courts have websites with information about their courts. To find out if your court has a website, click on your county on this map or list of counties in Tennessee.
  • How to File an Appeal at the Appellate Court. (coming soon)

For more resources and information, go to:

Legal Aid Resources

There are many legal aid agencies that help people who do not have lawyers. These agencies may help you or give you information about your legal problem.

Important!  Court employees are not allowed to make referrals to lawyers, do legal research, or give legal advice.